2022.06.27 GLOBAL

‘NCSOFT ESG PLAYBOOK 2021’ Released: NC’s Endeavours to Create the Right Play, Digital Responsibility, and Qualitative Leap of Society


* This blog content was excerpted from the ‘NCSOFT ESG PLAYBOOK 2021’. The full report can be downloaded here.

The Right Play

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) represents NC’s sustainability management strategy
to create universal joy for all.

We develop technical responses to prevent hate and discrimination in communication within our content and service offerings.

In tandem with this, we engage in a host of activities such as culturalization
and quality assurance (QA) to embrace cultural diversity in the content that we deliver.

Digital Responsibility

Our digital responsibility initiative aims to establish a safe environment
where users can enjoy the content and service anytime, anywhere.

To bolster the safety of personal data and information assets,
we build an information security system that aligns with our policy, organization,
and system and strengthens such linkages in accordance with global standards.

To safeguard the personal data of our customers, 
we keep our system up to date as an industry leader in protecting data privacy
by preparing personal data protection policy and technical measures.

NC AI Ethics Framework

In order to ensure to take a human-centered approach to the development of AI technology,
NC established the NC AI Ethics Framework. We strive to build the framework
into our technology development and operational process.

NC vows to doubly ensure that user data is protected 
and that no social bias is generated while developing AI technology,
as well as to ensure that the AI technology is easy to understand.

Also, we host talks with world-class scholars, partner with academia,
and support research to spread social perception of AI ethics.

Environmentally-friendly Management

To conduct business in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner,
NC develops implementation system and governance in a multi-faceted approach
to environmental management.

We step up efforts to reduce environmental impact across facility infrastructures including NCSOFT Pangyo R&D Center.
NC’s new office building which is scheduled to be completed in 2026 is designed as ecological architecture using renewable resources.

We share eco-friendly values with all our employees and customers
through eco-friendly manufacturing and in-house interior designs.