2022.04.26 EN

Music energy for creators, NCSOUND’s ‘Free Fuel’ project

Feel free to use the music of this project on any online platforms for your creational positive energy.

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‘Free Fuel’ has been considered as a way to communicate and share with not only the fans of NC’s games but all online creators alike.

The name of the project ‘Free Fuel’ has our intention of giving energy, as in fuel, to the creators in a royalty-free way. We know there are many complicated issues when it comes to the music business and copyright laws but these track list can be used without concerns as long as you follow the guideline provided by us here.

All 19 tracks of the album [FLAVORFUL] and [COLORFUL] were made by NCSOUND with other talented artists with music inspired by K-pop.

NCSOUND will keep challenging to find new ways for creative musical contents generating a wide range of values to drive the qualitative evolution of our society in NC’s sincere and authentic way.

[Terms of Use]

Every music made available through this website (the “Music”) is to support online streamers and content creators. Subject to your compliance with these Terms (the “Terms”), we grant to you various use, including copying, uploading, distributing, and simple editing (such as crop, cover, instrument addition, remix, etc.) of the Music for free (collectively, “Your Derivate Works”). You acknowledge and agree that all ownership including copyright interests in the Music are reserved by NCSOFT Corporation (“NCSOFT”).

1) Ad monetization of the Music or Your Derivate Works on online platforms (such as YouTube, Twitch, Afreeca TV, podcast, Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) is allowed. You may not claim ownership of Your Derivate Works that you added on the digital fingerprinting system (such as YouTube Content ID, Facebook Right Manager, or similar system).

2) You may upload the Music or Your Derivate Works to online platforms only if you give credit to the artist/copyright owner, as follows:

3) The Music, in any form, whether in whole or in part, duplicated, excerpted, or edited, cannot be published, distributed or sold in any manner, including in the form of products (such as albums).

4) You may not claim ownership as a creator or a copyright owner of the Music or Your Derivate Works.

5) You may only use the name of the copyright owner or the artist for the purpose of citing the source of the Music and to give credit per paragraph 2 above. Any other use of the name of the copyright owner or the artist, including without limitation, any form of advertisement, is strictly prohibited.

NCSOFT shall in no event be responsible or liable to you or to any third party, whether in contract, tort, litigation, damages or otherwise, arising in whole or in part from using the Music distributed herein or Derivate Works.

An album filled with modern and chill vibe. [FLAVORFUL]

1. Fireworks (Prod. Coke paris) / NCSOUND, Coke paris   DOWNLOAD 💽
The first track of the album with sounds like beautiful colors. Watch out for the massive Bass Drop of Future Bass.

2. One (Prod. TAK) / NCSOUND, TAK   DOWNLOAD 💽

The title track to the album ‘FLAVORFUL’. An immersive track which gives you a feeling of gathering to a whole while marching forward.

3. Roller Coaster (Prod. TAK) / NCSOUND, TAK   DOWNLOAD 💽

A danceable Pop-Disco track like a roller-coaster stacking layer by layer in an energetic way.

4. Umbrella (Prod. BoySam) / NCSOUND, BoySam   DOWNLOAD 💽
An emotional track like a single rain drop gliding slowly down on an umbrella.

5. Cool (Prod. Couch Peach) / NCSOUND, Couch Peach   DOWNLOAD 💽
Danceable guitar riffs and groovy rhythm like the fragrance of Cool-Water perfume. Modern and neat pop track.

6. Need you more (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
EDM-Pop filled with challenging emotions creating a hard contrast between the verse and chorus.

7. Highway (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
80’s West-Coast style Retro-Pop giving the sense of speeding through a high-way with synthesizers.

8. SOAP (Prod. Couch Peach) / NCSOUND, Couch Peach   DOWNLOAD 💽
Bubbly and chill R&B track like a soap melting in the water with sweet fragrance.

9. My Bed (Prod. J. Bass) / NCSOUND, J. Bass   DOWNLOAD 💽
Bedroom DJ style track like chilling in the bed.

10. Astra (Prod. BoySam) / NCSOUND, BoySam   DOWNLOAD 💽
Like the Latin word for ‘Stars’, the album finale is a track that makes you feel surrounded by the stars in the night sky.

Colorful music to bring all your senses to life. [COLORFUL]

1. WaterColor (Prod. Tak) / NCSOUND, Tak   DOWNLOAD 💽
A lovely track with the sounds of Rhodes piano creating the image of watercolor paint diluting in the water.

2. Holidays (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
A tasteful synthesizer giving you the sensation of joy before a vacation planning for a good time.

3. Planetarium (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
Like the stars shape the universe in a colorful manner the marimba and pluck bass of Deep House are put together to create a special universe for you.

4. No Longer (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
Trap track with powerful Brass sounds that puts an end to the chaos.

5. Conjuring (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
A Brit-Pop track with powerful sounds. It’s like having a powerful mask but keeping the sorrow underneath it.

6. Re:Claim (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
Trendy Urban Hip-Hop style track holding the voice of a courageous mind finding the lost precious little things.

7. Settle Down (Prod. Coke paris) / NCSOUND, Coke paris   DOWNLOAD 💽
A dynamic track following the style of Future Bass. Seeking for a little haven within the hectic world.

8. Matiere (Prod. NCSOUND) / NCSOUND   DOWNLOAD 💽
A House track with a hint of Euro-Pop. It’s like a movement starting from the deep but building up adding textures to the sound.

9. We, O (Prod. Couch Peach) / NCSOUND, Couch Peach   DOWNLOAD 💽
Many dots in the parameter gathering and connecting to become ‘One’ as a circle and shining in different and vibrant colors.